Benefits & Features - Protein Tracker X

Whatever your reasons for tracking protein consumption, use Protein Tracker X to help you reach your goals.

What can I do with Protein Tracker X?

  • Use the protein calculator to work out how much protein your body needs and set your daily target.
  • Record the protein amount you consume from the foods you eat each day.
  • Add new food items to your daily list.
  • Save frequent items for faster input.
  • See how you are doing today, with the percentage of protein target indicator, and glance at the chart for the past seven days.
  • Stay accountable by turning on notifications, gentle reminders to update your intake.

What else can I do with Protein Tracker X?

Use the database to find protein per 100g for generic foods, average values sampled from many UK products, input the number of grams you ate and save the result.

Browse the food database to see typical protein levels of different foods and find inspiration.

Add your own foods by examining the packets to provide greater accuracy. Global databases of specific products can quickly become outdated, and not every small-scale, locally produced food item is likely to feature.

Add custom entries such as: “My usual breakfast: muesli with soy milk and sliced banana.” Enter the protein amount, and save. Then just hit Add from your Saved Items page whenever you wish.

Why should I use Protein Tracker X over another food tracking app?

No registration, login, or account is required.

No ongoing subscription fees.

It’s free to use!

All food data is stored locally on your device, so private and in your control.

The app uses a local food database and does not sync with other apps, so no need to worry about connectivity issues.

With consistent use, you become familiar with the typical protein amounts in your everyday foods.

Ensure you are getting the protein you need for your brain and muscle building and repair.

Get peace of mind you are consuming enough protein in your diet.

What else do I need to know?

If your protein intake is too low, it can result in brittle hair and nails, becoming prone to stress fractures, losing muscle weight, catching colds frequently, and being tired.

Without adequate protein, it will be harder for your body to repair and build new muscle tissue and make the gains you wish.

Download now, start tracking and make sure you are getting the protein you need.

*We urge you to contact a medical professional if, for any reason, you suffer from any health-related issues, they may not be only as a result of your diet. We suggest that advice from your doctor take precedence over any nutrition app to meet your specific needs. Eating only high-protein foods is not recommended. We encourage you to eat adequate protein as part of a balanced diet.

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